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Find out more about what we do for you.  Our Pricing page shows a list of services included in each package.  They are explained in more detail below.

Local SEO Strategy for up to 4 Cities

Targeting your local audience is one of the most important aspects of SEO.  These individuals have the potential to make your business succeed and thrive.  That is why we offer Local SEO strategy for up to 4 cities (depending on your package), as this targets your direct area as well as those that surround it.

New Pages of Content Optimized for Local SEO Each Week

Have you ever heard the phrase "Content is King"?  This will probably always be the case, and that is why it is an integral part of our marketing strategy.  Not only does it provide useful knowledge to your readers, it also helps search engines to understand what your business is about. 

As a result, your content will help improve your rankings, and the way that your audience finds you when conducting a keyword search.  Our high quality content is enriched with the right amount of keyword density to ensure your site is fully optimized.

Reputable Local Citations

Citations are an important part of helping your local audience find your business.  Basically, citations can be thought of as an index of businesses or a phone book.  Since we live in the digital age people are moving away from paper directories, and that is why there is a need for this type of information online. 

Citations work with search engines to provide relevance to your business.  It helps the search engine know that you are indeed who you say you are and you run a reputable business.  The more citations that you have, the better, as search engines look to these directories when pulling up results. 

You have tons of benefits to gain when improving the number of citations you have, and nothing to lose.  We work hard to ensure your company is listed with all reputable citations in your local area.

Local On-Page Optimaization

There are a lot of facets to optimizing your site, and that is why you have to ensure that all areas of optimization work together to provide the best results.  We conduct an analysis of your website to ensure that there are no structural issues that could affect our SEO efforts. 

We also take a look at all content that is currently on your site to ensure that it is relevant to your industry.  Fixing issues with your current site can help enhance the way it is optimized in the future.  This ensures your site can comply with any SEO efforts that we implement, and optimal results are rendered.

Local Google Maps Optimaization

Google maps are highly important to local traffic because it helps individuals find your physical location.  These maps have changed the number of businesses that it displays on the first page of Google.  They only show the top three businesses now, where they use to show the top seven.  So this has made it increasingly hard for business owners to be included in this result. 

We make it a part of our SEO strategy to optimize your Google maps results so your customers see immediately how close you are when they are searching for your services.

Local Google My Business Optimization

Google My business is a free tool that helps businesses organize their online appearance among Google search and maps.  This tool allows us to verify and edit all business information, which will ensure that your customers can find you with ease.  Optimizing your Google My Business information will enhance your overall ranking with Google. 

But it can be tricky.  They automatically create a Google Plus account with each Google My Business account, and the reviews for that Google Plus are the ones displayed by Google in Google Maps and elsewhere for your business.  Google is more likely to rank your business in the maps section on their first page of search results if you have reviews. So if you have another personal account or Google Plus page that you've been posting to your efforts could be wasted.  Let us help you navigate all that.

Facebook, Twitter, Google + Optimaization

We will ask for any existing social media platforms that you have set up and use them in optimizing your website.  Social media outlets are one of the best ways to advertise your business, because almost everyone is part of one. 

Any post that we do on your website can be automatically shared with your social media outlets.  This will only enhance our SEO efforts.  Let's also make sure you have the business version versus a personal profile for each of these platforms.

Google Analytics Monitoring

We do not conduct Google Analytics reporting, but this information does help us look at the big picture when it comes to how your viewers are using your website.  We will look at the bounce rates and implement some SEO to help conversions to occur. 

For example, if we find that visitors are coming to a particular page and leaving within a few seconds, then it is fair to suggest that you need a stronger call to action.  We are able to identify what needs to be enhanced on your site to ensure that you not only get the traffic needed to help your business flourish, but help direct and capture it in the most productive way.

Accurate and Concise Reporting

We use an online reporting software which provides a number of features that can help us enhance the way we optimize your site.  With concise reporting that is accurate and up to date, we are able to design a marketing plan that will cater to your specific needs. 

Reporting will be shared with you, so that you can see how our SEO efforts have helped your website and business as a whole.  Features include an inside look at Google My Business details, citation campaigns and review, local SEO standings, social media monitoring, ratings monitoring and so much more. 

With the right tools on our side your website will gain the optimization that it needs to succeed.

Monthly Conferences with Your Account Manager
Reviewing Progress and Strategty Moving Forward

It is highly important to us that we keep you in the loop at every stage of our SEO marketing plan.  That is why we meet with you each month to discuss where you currently stand, what could be changed to help enhance ratings, and what is working in your favor.  Understanding these factors is the key to implementing the perfect SEO strategy. 

We take the time that is needed to ensure you understand what is happening on the back end of your website.  This will give you the assurance that our efforts are working in your favor.  You will have more than enough time during our conference to ask questions, make suggestions or receive any further needed explanation of the SEO reporting that we share with you.