Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to pay?  What are the contract obligations?

Our payments are month to month.  There are no contracts to sign and you are not obligated to continue for a predetermined length of time.  We understand that things change and circumstances may vary.  We are very reasonable.  You may freeze your account at any time.  We are here to help grow your business when you're ready, not drain your bank account while you reorganize.

Do you manage my Facebook or other social media?

Yes and No.  We use the social platforms to broadcast the content we add to your site, but we don't monitor the comments or reply to them or try to manage a response to any negative reviews.  You or someone in the company will need to be the voice of your company. We will add value by posting notifications with links to information packed content on your website.

How much does it cost?

We have 3 main Local SEO packages.  You can see the details of what's included on our pricing page. Our national SEO campaigns start at $1200 and depend on your industry,its competition in the market and the complexity of your site.

How long do the results last?

Any work we do is permanent, but Google prefers freshly dated material (they look at the timestamp of your files or when your content was initially indexed).  You will find that any ranking you achieved from our efforts will continue for a few weeks after you have stopped.  But while you were paused, your competition won't be.  So to regain your rank after it slides you will need to resume content writing either with us, with another marketing company or on your own.

How quickly will I see results?

We typically see substantial improvement over the first few weeks, depending on if you've had work done previously or are starting from scratch.  If anyone promises to get you on the first page of Google, that's a red flag since there is no way to guarantee where Google's algorithm will place you.  But it's not uncommon for us to get a site ranked on the first page within 30 - 45 days. 

Do you do national SEO or only local SEO?

Yes, but we handle it on an individual basis with a specialized strategy for each account, as one size does not fit all. Our fees for National campaigns start at $1200 monthly, depending on the competition and keywords.  We are very competitively priced in the industry.

What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up, project manager will email you to schedule a meeting to review your site.  In that meeting you will go over what results your site is getting now, as quantified in your current (baseline) ranking report.  They will get specifics about your particular business, your sales cycles, target audience, etc.  They will use this information to come up with a strategy for your marketing campaign.  We can answer any questions you may have at that point.  Immediately after that call we go to work polishing your site.  We fix structural issues that Google has stated cost you rank, and create fresh content for your site.  We also establishing your listings with the local 'yellow page' type sites (citations).

Another call is scheduled 30 days out.  Again you will discuss the progress and current ranking of your site, and decide what strategies are working and will be continued and what might be added or changed.  If you would like to include upcoming sales or promote certain product lines, that can be added into the mix in the fresh content.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Most digital marketing companies promise to send you a form report, automatically generated and emailed to you.  But no one is personally reviewing that information to adjust the strategy, let alone discussing it with you.  We pride ourselves on making this a collaboritive effort between the business owner and ourselves.  Your website is one of the most important tools you have to make your business thrive.  Shouldn't you be informed about work done to drive traffic to it?

What will you need from me?

Besides your basic contact information and a list of keywords (your account manager with discuss) we will need access to your CMS system (Wordpress, Drupal, whatever).  We can use your username and password or you can create a separate one for your content writer. 

We will also need the usernames and passwords to your social media accounts.  We will not be logging in to those accounts to reply to comments or interact with your customers in any way, though it is important that someone in your organization does.   We simply push notifications of new articles we write for you out to your social media.

In some cases we will need FTP access to your site if there is extensive structural modification to be done, or if you do not already have a blog framework set up.

Do I have to get a new website?

We make every effort to work with your current site, whatever state it is in.  There are a few things Google penalizes your site for...  Missing alt tags (alternate text) on your images, or not having distinct page titles in the HTML meta data are relatively simple fixes.  If you do not have a blog framework we will probably add one.

Google does like updated sites, ESPECIALLY mobile friendly sites.  Meaning the layout changes when viewing on a phone, you don't have to zoom and pan to see the content   Google has recently announced it will heavily penalize sites that are not mobile friendly.  If yours is not, you need to think about having it updated.

We work with excellent designers and developers that can help you with that.  A well built website is obviously very important to the growth and health of your business.   But we will in no way push that on you if it is not something you aren't prepared to take on at the moment.