Who We Are

Have you been inundated by marketing companies constantly posting to your contact page?  Or perhaps you tried one or two of them, only to be dissappointed with the results or lack of customer service.  Maybe they produced articles and posted them but when you read them they looked like they'd been written by a machine or somone who didn't grow up in America.  Well, we get it.  The Findit Network was founded by business owners just like you.  We've been inundated, frustrated and disappointed... to the point where we took matters into our own hands and developed a core team and marketing strategy that works.  Digital marketing is not rocket science.  It's not even hard.  When done right it's just plain time consuming.  And you're busy running your business.  So we're offering our services to get you results.  Fast.  So the only extra time you'll be spending is answering your phone and filling orders.  We let you know everything we're doing, so there's no hocus pocus.  Just straightforward work and results.

We specialize in local searches.  So our packages are based in part on how many city locations you need to target.  Google knows that Pompano Beach is near Fort Lauderdale, but if you have a chain of stores in Miami, Orlando and Tampa, then we can get each of them found in their local areas.  If you need to be found for a keyword phrase nationally, we can certainly take care of that for you.  But since the competition is much tougher nationally, we price those individually after a thorough consultation to make sure we understand your business, your market and your goals.

Core Values

Our Story

The Findit Network was created from the sheer lack of transparent, safe and effective internet marketing practices available from most digital media providers in the marketplace.  After feeling mislead and taken advantage of, its founders came together to create successful strategies as a result of working very hard for our clients.  With over 40 years of combined experience in internet marketing, business operations and programming we have the expertise resources to deliver you success!

Our Mission

Our tagline is, "Not just another SEO company" and we stand by that statement.  Our mission is to bring each client a solution and not another empty promise and we will work hard on a daily basis to make sure that we get your website in front of consumers just at the right time!  Join us today, and you will immediately see the difference!

Our Approach

Good honest hard work is our approach.  We are fast and efficient, but we don't cut corners or try to trick Google like other companies do.  Be careful not to get your site sent to the back of the line by Google because of shady tactics some companies use to save (their) time and money. We understand that content is king, so we simply give you well written researched articles about your business and industry, with the right amount of your most productive keywords, in American English.  If you're tired of rewriting every article your other SEO company uploads for you so that it makes readable sense, give us a try and save (your own) time and money.

Search Engine Volume

64%Google (64 %)
20%Bing (20 %)
12%Yahoo (12 %)
4%Others (4 %)